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Thanks for Your Support and Patience During This Trying Time

Hello Simmers!

As you’re no doubt aware, the year 2020 has been a terrible time for a lot of people. Unfortunately, I didn’t escape the year unscathed; something happened in real life that pretty much ground all of my simming activities to a halt. This is why the site and my simblr has become quiet lately. It’s not that I’ve quit or neglected the game or the website; the Real World really threw me a huge, gigantic curveball that I never saw coming.

However, rest assured that I have not quit simming or maintaining The Sims Depot at all. It’s just that as much as I love the game, real life will always take precedence, so for the time being I have to attend to personal matters. In fact, given what happened, it’s guaranteed that I’ll be going back to simming at some point, because there’s no better form of therapy than just losing yourself in the world of the sims and forgetting all your real world troubles.

If you’ve been waiting for Pottersville all this time, please accept my apologies. I was working hard in the last few weeks of December 2020 trying to troubleshoot the world. I had actually reached a breakthrough when, as bad luck and timing would have it, the worst thing happened. I plan on troubleshooting and releasing the world as soon as I am able in 2021, but it will take some time.

Till the next site update, thanks for your patience, and stay safe! 🤗


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