How to Install Custom Content for Sims 1

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You’ve downloaded tons of great custom content for Sims 1. Now what?

What You Need to Know First


Not every object or lot that you download can be used in your game. Some items were only made for certain EPs. So always make sure that you have the EP installed for whatever custom content you want to download. Custom content creators will usually include this info along with their items, either on their websites or in a .txt file.

Corrupt Files and Viruses

This is less of a problem than it was back in the day, but is something you should be aware of just in case. Some custom content can wind up messing up your game because there’s something wrong with the file.

Another problem is that some of the websites that used to host content are so old that they have become vulnerable. A few may have obnoxious pop ups, redirect to dodgy websites or have malware.

To avoid running against dodgy content or malware, always stick to the most trustworthy Sims 1 sites. The Sims Depot has a list of them here. Beyond this list, you’re pretty much on your own and if you do a Google search, you should exercise caution if you come across any site that looks fishy.