More Sims 1 Websites

The Sims Depot is not the only site dedicated to the Sims 1. Because the game is still being played by so many people around the world, there are dozens of amazing websites still hosting a large number of tools, objects, skins and tutorials for fans.

  • Note: some of the sites listed are archived versions hosted at the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.
Decorative Objects

Sites offering Sims 1 objects and home decor. Includes room sets, build objects, cool stuff like decorative cars, gardening objects and a few other goodies. 

  • 7 Deadly Sims
    Features cars, arcade machines, and other cool and unique items. a large number in a "shabby chic" theme.
  • Atelier Quebec
    Build objects and furnishings, largely in an Oriental theme.
  • Boudoir Blanc
    Furnishings, build objects, and some special theme sets, including "steampunk" and "aquarium."
  • Dincer Hepguler
    Beautiful furniture and decor, particularly antiquities like vases and ancient sculpture.
  • Ferndale Sims
    Decorative gardening objects
  • Moni's Sims
    Objects, walls, build objects, and houses, including gabled roofs and roof textures.
  • Persimmon Grove
    Country and gardening-themed objects, such as greenhouses
  • SIMcredible! Designs
    Stylish, modern-style furniture sets
Hacked Objects

Hacked objects are Sims 1 items that are tweaked to add more functionality--for example, doors that can be locked and objects that were converted from The Sims Online. 

  • Madoria's World of Sims 1 Downloads
    Lots of build and hacked objects, such as the "DishwasherNPC" and "SuperSculptures."
  • Marina's Sims
    Many build objects here, including "pool tiles," hacked rugs to make your pool look more realistic
  • Secret Society of Woobsha
    Large variety of hacked, as well as regular build objects
  • Simlogical
    One of the most famous Sims 1 websites for hacked objects, Simlogical has lockable doors, enabling players to assign doors to specific sims.
  • Some Sim Things
    Many interesting hacked objects here, including "No Newspaper Please." Also has converted objects from The Sims Online and Sims 2.
Skins (Faces, Clothing and Hair)

Get cool new skins for your sims in a wide variety of styles, such as ancient Egyptian, 1950s, 19th century and medieval. 

  • Comhair
    Large number of skins and heads here, many in vintage and historical styles like Baroque, Renaissance, Edwardian, 1920s and 1950s.
  • CORRY'S Factory
    Japanese and English site containing anime, manga and Asian skins.
  • Magnolia Sims
    Exotic, historical skins, such as Ancient Roman, 1920s, Egyptian, and Celtic
  • Milky Sims
    Many fashionable, hip skins for men, women and children, as well as meshes.
  • Sims of the World
    Multicultural, historical skins
  • Sim Freaks
    Huge collection of skins and meshes, many in some interesting themes, such as Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Medieval and uniforms.
  • Simlipo
    Japanese and English site offering Japanese-themed skins and  SimPose libraries. Includes two characters from Gantz.
  • Sims Pit
    Japanese and English site providing unusual skins based on anime characters.

Sites that offer a combination of skins, objects and lots.

  • Around the Sims
    Long-running French and English site with a large collection of objects, including sets in the following special themes: cellar, architect's office, dark room and fashion studio.
  • Ess Sims
    Skins in interesting themes such as kimono, 1960s and fairy wings. Also has a large number of build objects and room sets.
  • Parsimonious
    Objects, skins, and walls/ floors
  • Shiny Things
    Heads, skins, objects, textures, themes
  • Sophisticated Sims
    Skins, themes, and houses
  • Voyage Sims
    Variety of walls, sets, and furnishings
  • XM Sims
    Skins and objects