Are you finally ready to download your first custom Sims 3 world? Or maybe you’ve already played a ton of other worlds and are looking for a new one? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Below are three new worlds for the Sims 3, courtesy of The Sims Depot. Before downloading, please read the specs so you know whether or not the world is compatible with your game.

Oceanview | More Information + Download Link


Once a quiet, small 19th century fishing village, Oceanview is now a booming urban metropolis attracting scores of out of towners to its shores. While some Oceanview residents are happy to see their town transformed into a hip cultural center, the village's oldest families are unhappy having to deal with the influx of obnoxious hipsters, Yuppie snobs, and trust fund babies who they feel are ruining their quaint way of life.

Will the old and new families of Oceanview ever see eye to eye, or will they forever be locked in a battle over their fair city?

Riverside | More Information + Download Link


Founded 300 years ago, Riverside has grown from a small farming community into a bustling metropolis with a downtown area, an entertainment district and new strip malls. In spite of all the shiny new buildings of modernity, remnants of Old Riverside can still be seen around town, especially in Hicksville.

Sim Acres | More Information + Download Link


Located just west of Bridgeport, Sim Acres is a city boasting a vibrant downtown center and many fun and interesting locales to visit. See a Simfest at one of its many cool venues, take a swim at Sim Acres Beach, or tour Oakland Boulevard, which contains a cool mix of art deco apartment buildings and Mid Century Modern nightclubs.

Pottersville | More Information + Download Link


Founded by steel magnate Henry C. Potter, Pottersville has grown from a small, dingy industrial town and shipping port into one of the most attractive cities on the Eastern seaboard--and no small wonder! With two large scenic riverside parks, a beautiful civic center called Cascade Plaza and gorgeous mansions overlooking Seagull Bay, the city has sims from all over the country and even the world flocking to its shores.