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Sim Acres is a large-sized, populated Late Night/Showtime world that has many districts, each with a very distinct look and feel. The districts are: A) downtown B) military C) beach D) suburban, E) Mediterranean F) seaside and G) entertainment. Sim Acres also has a large number of Showtime and Late Night venues, so it’s perfect for players who want a city for showbiz and night clubbing sims.

  • Sim Acres requires the following EPs: Late Night, Pets, Ambitions, Generations, Seasons, World Adventures and Showtime. 
  • Sim Acres is completely CC-free! However, it may include some Registration Rewards content from Ambitions, Late Night, World Adventures, Generations, Showtime, Seasons and Pets
  • It also requires the following world from the Sims 3 Store: Riverview.
  • Sim Acres has 172 lots and is 113 MB total. Because of this, it’s not recommended for computers that can’t handle large worlds.
  • This world has been tagged as a Late Night world, so it won’t spawn any wild life.
Sim Acres-Riki's Tiki Tavern
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Known Issues
  1. There’s an annoying bug in which sims will get stuck on sidewalk that runs along the highway. I have no idea why this keeps happening but it only seems to happen once in a blue moon. If sims get stuck, just use the “resetsims” cheat to unstick them.
  2. In townhouses, sims–when they return home–will insist on going into the backyard before going upstairs. Annoying, I know. Just lock the doors until you’re ready to use the backyard for a special reason.
  3. Because there are loads and loads of venues in Sim Acres, you may run into the problem of nightclub spots being empty. Two ways to solve this: Add more sims (and lots of them). Turn off/bulldoze community lots you don’t want.
  4. You may run across cloned members of the “Civilian Life” household (Katina Spiotto, Jimmie Ali). These sims were originally part of the Negroponte household. If Negroponte shows up in town, just evict the entire household out, or–if you want–split it up and kick out the clones.
There's a Hangout in the beach area called "Chasen's - Hangout." I built an alternate casino version of this lot using the slots and tables from Lucky Palms. If you have Lucky Palms installed and would like the casino version of Chasen's, download below and replace the "Chasen's - Hangout" lot.
Chasen's Casino (7928 downloads )

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