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The Sims may have ended long ago, but that doesn’t mean it’s dead! Millions of players the world over are still playing the game that started it all. If you’re one of them, below are downloads, programs, helpful tutorials and links to other sites to help you make the most out of Sims 1.

TS1 Depot

Free downloads for the Sims 1 from the TS1 Depot website, such as objects, houses, wallpapers, decor, skins, and SimPose pose libraries.

Get Cool Stuff Archives

Collection of free objects, skins, tools and houses that were once posted at the official EA Sims 1 homepage.

Must Have Programs for the Sims 1

Software every Sims 1 player should download if they want to create their own content or make certain actions in the game easier. Includes IFF Pencil 2 and Transmogrifier.

Other Sims 1 Websites

Links to other great Sims 1 resources, such as websites, forums and Yahoo! Saving the Sims groups.


A growing collection of tutorials to help you with things like installing content, using Yahoo! groups, using Sims 1 software and troubleshooting problems like Upside Down Head Syndrome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions for first time players about gameplay issues, bugs, glitches and other stuff they may come across when playing the Sims.

The Eight Sim Challenge II

The "Eight Sim Challenge, an album showing readers how to set up and manage a household with eight sims.