Get Cool Stuff

For years, Maxis gave away free skins, objects, houses and software at the Sims 1 home page under the section, “Get Cool Stuff.” Below are nearly all the items that appeared there, including the Deluxe packs, Home Crafter, Make a Date and the special edition MTV skin packs.

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Registration Rewards

A collection of free objects that were given to the Sims 1 community. Note that although they’re free to download, not all objects are EP-compatible.

Maxis Skin Packs

Special edition skins that Maxis created. Includes the EA Cheerleader, Sid Meier head, MTV skins, Unleashed Pet Skins, and much, much more!

Get Cool Stuff: Houses

A few houses that Maxis built. Includes the Valentino, Hatfield, and Jones houses.

Make Cool Stuff: Sims 1 Tools

Special tools that Maxis made to help players create their own skins, make new townies, design new faces, and more. Also includes tools to help troubleshoot game, such as File Cop.


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