Millennium Sims: The Cure

For years, the Millennium Sims website put up a solution for the dreaded Upside Down Head glitch [>>], a problem that caused a sim’s portrait to turn into an upside down picture of a character. The website is no longer with us. However, the Sims Depot has the solution below as it originally appeared at Millennium Sims:

Millennium Sims: The Cure

Since the days before LL, before T-Mog, when The Sims was a young, new game, there was always the “upside-down face lady.” This glitch in the game was never fixed by maxis, even in UL, with the latest patch, infected sims remain infected until they die (of natural causes? I think not, hehe). This long lost sim, whose mesh/skin was taken out of the game before release, left behind a little glitch so that she could be remembered. Never did she dream that her nick-name would become the “devil lady”, and that her glitch would still cause trouble in the 5th expansion pack, UL.

And finally, 3 years after the release of the game, a cure has been found. Even more amazing is how simple it is to cure this illness!

  1. Download IFF Pencil 2 from the programs page Must Have Programs for Sims 1 Players.
  2. Go to the characters folder within the userdata folder for the neighborhood in which the infected sim lives.
  3. Track down the user#####.iff file for that sim. The first name of the sim will appear in the CTSS section of the file. Hints for finding the user file: it will often be a lot bigger than the other user files (around 500kb), and user files are created in chronological order, so if you open a file and see the name of a sim created after the sim you are looking for, don’t look in any user files with a bigger number.
  4. Above the “all resources” section will be a resource section with random symbols (ie: R@^%$^….). Click this resource type in the left column, and then right click and delete the section that appears in the right column. You may have to do this for more than one section, but they will all appear before all resources, and consist of random symbols.
  5. Save the file, run the game, and enjoy your now healthy sim!

ENJOY! (Note: This may only work for the UL strain of the virus)