Create a World, Master Class

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A comprehensive guide of tips, tricks, tutorials and advice that cover all the stuff you ever needed or wanted to know about using Create a World, the tool that allows players to create custom worlds for The Sims 3.

Basic CAW Advice

Create a World: Advice to Beginners

Basic tips, tricks and advice that every beginner to Create a World should know.

How to Make a TS3 World Players Will Appreciate: Tricks of the Trade

There’s more to world building than adding lots, roads and trees. You also have to build your world in a way that players will appreciate. If you don’t know how, check out this handy guide.

Not So Obvious Details About CAW That Will Drive You Crazy

There are lots of little things about Create a World that aren’t self-evident and will drive you crazy if you don’t know about them.


The Ultimate Routing Paint Guide

Learn all you need to know about the art of using routing paint in Create a World.

Edit in Game

How to Use Edit in Game

Learn some important tricks of the trade of using EIG

How to Build Apartments in EIG Using Late Night Shells

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create apartments using those cool apartment buildings from Bridgeport from scratch.

When EIG Crashes on Loading

If Edit in Game crashes while it’s loading, don’t panic. Learn how to get your world back.

CAW Tips and Tricks

How to Add Houseboats to Your World in Create a World

You can’t simply add houseboats to a CAW WIP the way you would to a premade world in-game. This tutorial will teach you how to add them the correct way, using both Create a World and Edit in Game.

Shortcuts to Cut Down On Building Time

Creating a world can be an exhausting task. Read this handy guide to learn how to make it less so.

Viewing Your World During Different Times of the Day

This is a neat, little thing you can do in Create a World that allows you to preview how your world will look during morning, noon and night.

How to Use SuperCAW

SuperCAW is an enhanced version of Create a World that comes with additional tools and objects. Learn where you can find it and how to use it.

Adding a Food Truck to Your World

Learn how to add the food truck from Late Night to your world and have it function properly.

The Best Way to Play Test Your World

You may think that waiting until you’ve completed a world is the best way to play test. Check out this tutorial to learn about a better method of play testing.

Building a Perfect World

How To Create a Polished World

As you’re building your world, you may come across visual glitches. Here’s how to fix them.

Populating Your World and Beyond

Want to create a world for other players that come pre-populated with families? This tutorial will show you how.

Troubleshooting (Things That Make You Go, “D’OH!”)

Troubleshooting Routing Issues

A common issue you’ll come across when you play your world is broken routing. If this is happening to you, check out this guide to learn how to troubleshoot and fix any routing issues.

Fixing The Apartment Building Unclosed Room Glitch

How to fix a weird glitch when building apartment buildings using Late Night shells.

The Problem with Hybrid Lots

If you’re planning to build lots on both land and water, read this guide to learn why you shouldn’t.