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Pottersville Has Been Delayed, But Will Be Back on Track Soon

When I last posted, I gave an update about Pottersville, a Create a World WIP. From the way things sounded, it seemed as if the release was days away.

Well, that’s because it was. But then the worst thing happened–the world wound up becoming heavily glitched to the point of unplayability. Normally, when these things happen, there are a bunch of tried-and-true methods you can try to fix the issue. Unfortunately, in this case, the glitch seemed to be one of those super rare, first time ever bugs that couldn’t be fixed with any of those methods. So, starting in October, I spent weeks (yes, weeks) trying everything I can to figure out what the problem was and how to fix it.

Fast forward to December and finally–finally–I was able to get some clues as to what the issue might have been. Right now, I’m still troubleshooting the world, but I think I may have found the solution. So, if you’ve been waiting all this time for Pottersville to be released and wondered what happened, don’t worry. The world will be released; it’s just been delayed.

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