The Sims Depot Site Has Moved to New Host; Should Be More Stable Now

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If you’re a frequent visitor to The Sims Depot, you may have noticed that the site has been down a lot over the summer. The reason why is that my web host started spazzing out like crazy with no forewarning. I tried to find out what was going on and finally learned that it had experienced a major technical failure and was trying to fix everything ASAP.

I’m generally patient with hiccups like this (it’s life–stuff happens), but I noticed a week later that not only had things not gotten fixed, my site was experiencing even longer downtimes than what was acceptable. Keep in mind that I pay a lot of money out of pocket to host the site, so there was no way I was going to let this stand.

So, literally, in the middle of yesterday afternoon, I rushed to get a host–any host–to move to. And now The Sims Depot is on a more stable platform. Of course, stuff can still happen (my new host might turn out even worse than the last one), but things are looking good right now and I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. 😁

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ts1depot is a Sims fanatic who fell in love with the franchise ever since she bought a copy of Deluxe in 2001. She can frequently be seen walking around in confusion in real life wondering why there aren't any plumb bobs over people's heads.

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3 Comments on “The Sims Depot Site Has Moved to New Host; Should Be More Stable Now”

    1. Hi, Ben! Good to see you!

      Unfortunately, things aren’t going so well with Pottersville. For whatever reason, I’m still struggling to try to get this world to work, in spite of trying every known solution multiple times over this year. It’s looking more and more like something went wrong with some of the lots and that if worse comes to worse, I might have to rebuild some of them. *sighs*

      In any event, I’m going to try to finish two other worlds I’d been working on in the meantime to make up for all the time people have spent waiting for Pottersville. I may even post about them in the near future. I’m sorry for all the delays and everything, but unfortunately, 2020 was the first time some serious Real Life stuff happened, and it just seems like 2021 has been one thing after another. Oh, well!

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