The Eight Sim Challenge

The Eight Sim Challenge
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Hi, and welcome to a special feature I call The 8 Sim Challenge, a presentation in which I show viewers how to get an 8 Sim household up and running without using cheats in a matter of four Sim weeks. This is not my first challenge. My first 8 Sim Challenge was called “Eight is Enough.” But I had so much fun with my first one, that I decided to create another challenge, this time changing things up a bit.

And now, without further ado…

Intro: Chapter 1

The victims of my 2nd experiment are students from Sims University, who signed up for this study. Say hi, everybody!

MICHAEL (blonde guy with blue/ green top and shorts): Dude… wassup?

Hi! Are you guys ready?

ELEANOR (blonde in blue jumpsuit): No– actually this is freaking me out! I’ve heard about this Study before. The last group of Sims who did this had to live in really crappy conditions for a few days.

You’re right– but what’s a little discomfort for a short while? Besides, would you rather be back in university, listening in on another one of Professor Heissman’s boring lectures, or here being part of a historic study?

GERALD (black dude in khakis): Got a point there! I’d rather experience water torture than be in his class! Since this isn’t water torture, I guess I can handle this!

That’s the spirit! So let’s begin, shall we?


Okay, now– first things first: your family. When you first create the members of your household, make sure some of them have Super Neatness points (Virgos). The reason why is simple: having too many Sims with low neatness points can be a chore, what with having to clean up after them all the time. But if you have a lot of Neat Freaks, the house will practically clean itself. You don’t have to make all of your Sims Neat Freaks– just enough of them so that you won’t have to waste time cleaning up after everyone on a constant basis.

MICHAEL: So, Emma– with you being such a neat freak and me being a slob, I guess that makes you my personal maid– tee hee! Hope you’ll enjoy cleaning up after me for the next two weeks!

EMMA (nerdy girl with glasses): Cleaning up after you? Would that include laundering your bed sheets? I mean, you do have that little bedwetting problem, right?


Settle down, people!

EMMA: Sorry.

Moving right along, in┬áthis family of students, I made sure that three of them had high neatness points. The last thing you want in an 8 Sim Challenge is, like I said, to spend a majority of your time cleaning up after people. So make sure, once again, that when you’re creating an 8 family household, you make enough members Virgos to help keep the house clean.

Okay– with that out of the way, let’s talk about the next important step in our challenge– our house!


When your family first starts out and you’re ready to build your house, you only get $20, 000 as a cash balance. It may seem impossible dealing with such limited means without using the Rosebud cheat, but it can be done!

The key is to be as cheap and as miserly as possible when you build your house. Build the smallest house that can accommodate your Sims. As you can see in the above picture, this is exactly what I’ve done.

JENNY (girl in lavender jeans): Oh. My. God! We’re not living in that, are we?

CASSIE (redhead in red dress): It looks like a shack–

Sorry, guys, but maybe once you get jobs, you can complain about it! Right now, this is the best we can do!

CASSIE (grumbling): Good grief! This study is worse than I thought!

GERALD: Remember… Professor Heissman’s boring lectures or this study!

CASSIE: Fine, fine! I’ll put up with this, but I won’t be happy about it! *frown*

ANYWAY, as I was saying, when creating your house for an 8 sim challenge, build the smallest one you can get way with, with the cheapest materials available. You may even have to skimp on wallpapers at first. The reason why is very simple– with only 20K Simoleans starting out, we want to have as much money left over as we can to make the first few days of the challenge as bearable as possible for our sims. That means having enough money for food and other essentials!