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Hurry Up and Download from Yahoo Groups While You Still Can!

If you’re a hardcore Sims 1 fan always on the hunt for hard to find but juicy downloads, some bad news came out of Yahoo today regarding Yahoo Groups.

As of the end of this year (2019), Yahoo Groups and all of its content will be no more. This is terrible news, because Yahoo! Groups was the home of many Savings the Sims groups, which hosted content from popular Sims 1 sites such as and Simbella. If you’ve never downloaded this content, I strongly urge you to do it now, because it features one-of-a-kind Sims 1 objects that you won’t be able to find anymore, including cars and trucks. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, so don’t delay!

Below are links to the most popular Sims 1 “Savings the Sims” groups:

Note: You will have to join these groups in order to view or download files. If you don’t know how, check out this tutorial.

  1. Livin-it-Up @ Yahoo! Groups:
    Livin-it-up was one of the largest and most popular sites back in the day, offering everything from skins to decorative cars:

  2. Simbella @ Yahoo! Groups:
    An archive of Sim objects from the Simbella website

  3. Coconut Hut @ Yahoo! Groups:
    An archive of objects from the Coconut Hut

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