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Simpose is Now Being Hosted at The Sims Depot!

I just discovered this past week that the home page of Simpose–one of the programs listed in Must Have Programs for Sims 1–has finally gone dark.

If you don’t know what Simpose is, this is a program that allows you to pose sims from TS1, as well as create new animations. Below, you can see some screenshots of the program in action:

The Pleasants from The Sims 1
The Pleasants from The Sims 1
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Simmers who created skins would use Simpose to show off their creations. However, Simpose can be used for other fun stuff, such as making portraits of your favorite sims and even machinima, as you can see below from YouTuber, winko567:

Intrigued? Great! If you’d like to use the program, The Sims Depot now hosts it and can be found here: Must Have Programs for Sims 1.

If you’d like to learn how to use it, check out the tutorial here: The Ultimate Simpose Guide.

Have fun, and happy simming!

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