Special Houses

Houses built with a special theme in mind that don’t fall under any other category of houses.

NAME: The Japanese House | LOT: 8 | PRICE: $43, 531
EPS NEEDED: Deluxe through VA
DESCRIPTION: A Japanese-themed style 2 bedroomed house, with a large pond in the backyard. Only has 1 bath! NOTE: Contains wallpapers and items from Maxis’ Double Deluxe download packs, which includes Japanese walls, floors, and objects.
japanese_08.zip (153 downloads)
NAME: House of the Mortician | LOT: 9 | PRICE: $44, 412
EPS NEEDED: Deluxe through VA
DESCRIPTION: A gloomy house on a hill, just perfect for your more gothic sims. Contains 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. Backyard is small; however, there is a balcony behind the house to compensate. Good for a couple with 1 child.
mortician_09.zip (92 downloads)

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