Below are free houses for Sims 1 in a variety of styles and price ranges. Before downloading, make sure you pay attention to the lot number of the house, as well as the EP compatibility. If you need help installing houses, check out this tutorial, How to Install Houses.

Starter Homes

Homes built on the cheap, priced well under ยง20, 000!


Highly conservative in layout and design, houses designed to be as suburban-looking as possible.

Mondo Condo

Get out the deck chairs and enjoy these houses built with a condo-style theme.

Spanish Style Homes

Yellow stucco, red terracotta tiled roofs.


Very large, glitzy, and roomy houses for rich sims.


As the name suggests, houses in a ranch layout.


Brick buildings that look like apartment buildings on the outside but are built like homes in the inside.

Hip and Modern

Cool houses in a hip, sleek, and modern style.

Beach houses

Houses with a summer getaway type of feel.


Specially designed houses with a theme in mind that doesn't fit into any of the other categories.