When you’re building your world in CAW, the default lighting is daylight. But did you know that you can also change the time of day so you can see how your world looks at sundown, sunup, early morning and late night? If not, let’s show you how!

How to Change the Time of Day in Create a World

First, go to View, then select “Time of Day” from the drop down menu.

A menu will pop up on the right hand side of CAW with two fields labeled “Hour” and “Min.” By clicking the up and down arrows in the “Hour” field, you can change the default lighting from midday to any other time of the day. Below is how the world looks in CAW at 20 hours, or 8 PM:

Why You Should Change Time of Day

Besides the curiosity factor, there are several important reasons why you should change the time of day. The first reason is to learn where the sun rises and sets in your world. Why should you care? Well, let’s say you want sims to experience sunsets at the beach. By changing the time of day even before you build, you’ll know exactly where to place your beach–on the side of the world facing where sundown happens.

A second reason to change time of day is to help you build your world in such a way as to make the most out of your sunsets and sundowns. Because sunsets and sunrises are so beautiful, it would be a waste if you obscured them with mountains and hills. What would be nice is if you had open areas and some picturesque elements (like the lighthouse, pyramids from World Adventures, etc.) on the side of the world where the sun rises and sets, as you can see below.

Because I knew where sundown happens in my world, I placed my lighthouse and waterfront properties here to make the most of the beautiful sunsets

One last reason why it’s important to change the time of day is to see how well you placed your street lighting. It’s a lot harder when building in daylight to see whether you’ve put enough lighting everywhere. By switching over to nighttime, you can see where all the “dead spots” are.

As you can see here, on the right side of this area, I have plenty of street lighting, but on the left hand, there are dead spots.
This area is so dark because I haven’t placed any street lighting.
Same area with lighting. Hopefully, you can see the difference

Hopefully, this tip of changing time of day will go a long way in helping you build a much better and prettier world than you have before.