Learn how to populate your world, as well as some neat tips and tricks to tweak your population.

If you noticed, you can’t populate your town in Create a World. Luckily, Nraas Industries came up with a handful of mods that enable you to import sims into your world. However, there is more to populating a world than just adding sims. For example, you may want households to have specific amounts of money, give certain sims specific jobs and others to be the bosses for everyone else in the world. So let’s do a walk through of how you can do this:

How to Populate Your World
  1. Create Your Households
    You can import the default Maxis families that are in your game library but chances are, you’ll want to add your own custom families. To do that, just open Create a Household as you normally would and save them to library for use later. Just be careful not to create multiple households that share the same name with each other or what is already in your game library; it will result in confusion later when it comes time to populate your world.
    Also, keep careers in mind when you’re creating your worlds. Don’t make it so that every sim will be working in one career or profession or will have the same career-based lifetime wish (like “Leader of the Free World”). Evenly distribute professions and career-based lifetime wishes so that there are at least three sims for every career track. For more information about populating worlds and assigning sims careers, check out this excellent article at Sims Wiki.
  2. Download and Install Nraas Mods
    Download and install these specific mods from Nraas Industries: (1) Porter (2) Master Controller and (2) Debug Enabler. If you don’t have any idea how to use or install mods, read this tutorial at Mod the Sims .
  3. Go into Edit in Game
    Open your world in Create a World, then launch Edit in Game. Do not go into Edit Town mode. Stay on the main screen.
  4. Type in “makesim” cheat
    Before you can use Nraas mods to import your sims, you have to enter a cheat. Press CTRL+SHIFT+C, then type in “makesim.” When you do, a random sim will appear in your world:
  5. Pick a House, then Select Porter
    Click on a house that you want a household to move into, then select “Porter…”
  6. Select Household from Menu
    You will see a list of all the households you have saved to your game library. Pick the household you want for the house you’ve clicked on and press the button.
  7. Ignore Pop Up Message
    You will get a message that says, “The family does not appear to be a Porter household. Don’t worry about it. Click the button.
  8. Repeat process for all the other households
    Just repeat steps 5-7 for any other households you want to add to your world.
  9. Save your world
    To save these sims to your world, save in EIG as you normally would.

Technically, once you’ve added all your households, you’re done populating your world. However, there are a few other things you can do to polish things up, especially if you plan on having other people play your world.

Assigning Sims Jobs–Tips and Tricks

When you add sims to your world, they will all be unemployed. No biggie. When you or other players play this world, the game will assign them jobs anyway. But what if you want to assign sims specific jobs from the start? And what if you want specific sims to be the bosses in each particular career track?

Take, for example, Quinton Wentworth from my world, Oceanview. Not only do I want him to be a politician, I want it so that whenever I or another player add a new sim to the political career track, he will be assigned as their boss. Here is how I can do that.

  1. Click on house of sim
    To assign Quinton a job, I have to make his house active. So first, I click on his house. Then I choose “Nraas” and next,”Master Controller”.
  2. Click on “Make Active”
    When I click on Master Controller, I get a menu. I then select “make active.” When I do, EIG switches to Quinton’s household, just like in-game.
  3. Click on sim’s portrait
    To assign Quinton a job, I have to select him first. So I click on his portrait. As you can see in the screenshot below, under his career panel, it says that he’s unemployed.
  4. Click on mailbox
    I SHIFT+CLICK on the mailbox. A menu will pop up. Choose “Set career…”
  5. Pick Career, then Level
    When I select “Political” for Quinton’s career, I have the option of selecting the level. Because I want him to be a boss, I choose a high level, in this case, “City Council Member,” which is level five.

And voila. When a player adds a new sim to the political career in my world, Quinton will be that sim’s boss.

Remember, for this trick to work, the sim you want as boss must be the very first sim you assign to any career. For example, let’s say I had assigned a bunch of other sims to the political career track before Quinton. Those other sims would be the bosses.

Changing Family Funds

Chances are, all of the households you’ve populated your world with will have insane amounts of money. Maybe you don’t mind that, but it makes for boring game play for people playing your world, IMO. Also, in some cases, a household having a lot of money may not make much sense. For example, if there’s a household that’s supposed to be poor, it would make more sense for it to only have §200, not §25,000. Not to worry, because we can just reset the household funds to whatever we want using the “familyfunds” cheat. Here’s how I did it with this one household, the Hip Hop Consortium. This household is supposed to be a bunch of young people starting out in their careers, but they wound up with $56K, far too much money than I wanted them to have:

  1. Go into Edit Town Mode
    Below, you can see in Edit Town mode how much the household, Hip Hop Consortium, has. It’s currently, §56,144. I want the amount to be much lower.
  2. Bring up cheat console
    Press CTRL+SHIFT+C to bring up the cheat console.
  3. Type in “familyfunds” cheat
    Type in familyfunds + household name + amount of simoleans you want the household to have. You can see below that for my family, I have typed in: familyfunds “Hip Hop Consortium” 2524. (Generally, you don’t have to surround your household name with quotes. I only did it in this case because the household name is more than one word.) If you enter the cheat code successfully, you will see the new amount you entered when you hover over the household’s lot in Edit Town mode:
Easy Peasy!

Many beginners to Create a World are intimidated at the idea of populating a world, especially if they’re not used to using mods. As you can see, the process couldn’t be easier. Just follow the steps in this tutorial, and you’ll be populating your world in no time.