If you’re planning to create a world for other players, you’ll want to make sure it’s as polished as possible so it looks professional. Polished doesn’t just mean creating a world free of lag and full of beautiful lots and landscaping, but producing a world free of visual gaffes.

What do I mean by “visual gaffes?” These may be glitches in the way things look, mistakes you may have made when placing objects and other issues that will make your world look unfinished and sloppy. Although they don’t affect game play, these gaffes should be fixed, because they can take an otherwise perfect world with perfect routing, beautiful lots and landscaping and make it seem as though you didn’t take any care or consideration into completing it.

So before you even click “Export” and upload your world to The Exchange, make sure you keep a look out for the most commonplace visual gaffes:

Gaffe One: Unlevel Lot

An annoying problem that often happens in worlds is the unlevel lot. This is a lot that has been accidentally raised just a little or just below the ground, resulting in an ugly edge along the sides:

Everyone will have suffered this issue at least a couple of times when world building. Even EA wasn’t immune. In fact, if you go to Al Simhara by one of the large pyramid tombs, you’ll see a lot with a raised edge.

So how can you fix this issue? Easy. Reopen your world in CAW, then look for the “Conform Edges” tool, which is a picture of a house that sits on top of a lot with a broken border. This is the tool in CAW that makes the edges of lots blend in with the landscape. Simply click on it, then click on the lot with the raised edge, and voila–! Your edges have now blended into your landscape.

The “Conform Edges” tool
Gaffe Two: Floating or Sunken Trees and Objects

This problem tends to happen if you sculpted terrain in an area where you already have trees and objects. What’ll happen is that rather than sit on the ground, objects will float above or below it. The solution to this is obvious: use the move tool to lower the object back onto the ground.

Gaffe Three: Street Signs, Streetlights and Objects Facing the Wrong Way

Sometimes you’ll make the mistake of placing world objects–especially signs and street lamps– in the wrong direction. Remember, sims drive on the right side of the road, so signs should be facing you on the right side and away from you on the left. Also, streetlamps should be perpendicular to the road and hanging over the street, not over the lot.

Gaffe Four: Glitched Views in View Town Mode

Who knows why, but lots can glitch when viewed in “View Town” mode. Sometimes buildings will lose all their color and appear stark white. Sometimes the ponds on lots will appear partially or fully empty. For example, below you’ll see that part of the pond is missing from the lot:

Lots like these look normal in gameplay, but just look unpolished in Edit Town mode. To fix the glitch, you may have to reload an older version of the lot you have saved in library or just rebuild it from scratch. Unfortunately, this is what I had to do with the lot you see in the screenshot above. Luckily, it was a small lot so it took me no time at all to recreate.

Gaffe Five: Glitched Roads

Roads can become glitched, missing diamond-shaped pieces. In a case like this, you’ll have to rebuild them in CAW.

Gaffe Six: Blocky Terrain

When sculpting terrain, you may have a few spots that come out blocky. To fix, smooth these areas out using the “Smooth” sculpting tool in CAW.

Gaffe Seven: Lots Not Aligned Properly with Road

Your lots should not only be up against the road but at the correct angle. They should not overlap your roads, there should not be a gap, nor should your lots be at an off angle:

To fix lots like this, you can use the Move/Rotate tool in CAW to move them closer to the road or tweak the rotation. Even better, you can go to the Property Browser Panel and type in a number to rotate the lot in increments:

To fine-tune a lot’s angle, enter a number in the “Rotation Degree” field, which can be found in the Property Browser panel in CAW.
Gaffe Eight: Sloppy Terrain Painting

If you’re painting areas of your world bordered by roads and walls, make sure you don’t accidentally paint outside of the lines, or stop short of it.

Gaffe Nine: Badly Aligned Walls and Highways

If you have a string of highways and walls laid end to end, make sure that there aren’t any gaps between them. Also make sure that they’re aligned properly.

Fixed Your Gaffes? NOW Your World is Officially Complete!

Many people think their world is complete once they’ve fixed routing issues, placed in all their families and have all their world objects in the right place. The truth is that it’s not until you’ve corrected all of these little gaffes when you can truly say that your world is ready for uploading. So always double check your world for mistakes like the ones shown in this entry. If you don’t, it will come across as sloppy and rushed to other players, even though you poured your heart and soul into completing it.