How to add Bridgeport’s food truck to your world in Create a World

If you’re making a city-themed world, you’ll probably want to add a bunch of cool food trucks to it. There’s just one teensy, weensy little problem. The food truck parking spot doesn’t show up in Buy Mode, not even in buydebug. You could use a modded version; the problem is that modded food trucks will stay parked at the same location day and night instead of moving around like they do in Bridgeport.

Luckily, there’s another way you can add food trucks to your world. However, it requires downloading and using Super CAW, a more advanced version of Create a World. (Instructions and download link for Super CAW can be found here, at Simlogical.) So without further ado, let’s begin:

Step One: Save Bridgeport Food Truck to Library

Open up Bridgeport and look for the lot that has the food truck parking spot on it. When you find it, save it to library, then add it to your world in EIG and edit it to your liking.

Step Two: Tag World as “Downtown”

Simply adding the Bridgeport food truck lots to your world isn’t enough to get them to appear. The reason why is that food trucks only work in cities that have been tagged as “Downtown.” Otherwise, the game doesn’t spawn them at all. Since all worlds in CAW are by default tagged as “Basic (Suburban)”, you have to change your world from Suburban to Downtown.

So how can you go about tagging your world? Easy:

  1. Open Super CAW and load your world. When your world loads, go to your “World Layers”sidebar and right click on your world’s name. A pop up box will show up. Click on “Add/Edit Description.”
  2. Another pop up box will show up. In it you’ll see a part that says “World Type.” Click on that and you’ll see a list of options–Base, Vacation, Downtown, University and Future.
  3. Click “Downtown” from the drop down box, then save your world.

Got all that? Good! Your world is now a city. When you play it, the food trucks will appear.

Some Caveats

Don’t delete the municipal trash can that comes with the parking space. If you do, the food truck won’t appear. Also, by changing your world into a city, you won’t have wild animals spawn anymore.