Special Features

SimPose comes with a few cool features you may not be aware of. Let’s take a look at them:


You can change the color of the background by going over to to the LIGHTS/ CAMERA TAB, selecting “Background” from the “Camera/ Lights” menu, then clicking “Change”.

You can also add a picture from your hard drive by clicking on “Add Picture.” It can only be in .BMP format.


Another thing you can do in SimPose is tweak the lighting. (Available under CAMERA/ LIGHTS CONTROLS). Ambient/ Light-1, Light-2, and Light-3 are three very important features. With them, you can create a very 3 dimensional look to your sims by playing around with the color settings of each one.

If you’re really good, you can make your TS1 sims look like they’re straight out of TS2, colorful lighting and all! Read this tutorial to learn how.


Another feature of SimPose is the ability to pose your sims with props. Yes, believe it or not, you can have your sims hold things or interact with objects by going to Props/ Hands–>Add Props. Once you do, you will get a dropdown list of several object skins and their respective graphics. SimPose only comes with a few; I’ll show you later how to add more to the program.


SimPose would be pointless if there wasn’t a nice screenshot feature to take pictures of all your beautiful poses! As you can see in the toolbar, you take screenshots by simply choosing “Screen Capture”, then “Save As.” You can choose to take a picture either full size or half size– the choice is up to you.