SimPose is a great program. Unfortunately, there are a few headaches you have to tackle before you can really get going in it.


SimPose only comes with four default characters and skins- a man, a woman, a boy, and a girl:

If you’re making your own skins and graphics and using SimPose to merely display your heads and bodies, this is not a problem. But what if you’re not a skinner? What if you just want to create pics with characters¬†from the actual game, like the Goths?

Unfortunately, there is no easy way around this problem. You can get pre-existing Maxis skins into SimPose, but you will have to do it by hunting and pecking through all the Maxis/ The Sims folders on your hard drive, finding the meshes and skins you want, and importing them into SimPose.

Worse yet, because all of these .skn files and graphics are in .far files, you have to use a program like FarOut to find and extract the ones you want to the GameData/SimPose folder. This is really a pain, because many of these skins and bitmaps are actually spread out across several folders under “Maxis/The Sims” and are in some of the unlikeliest places.

If it’s any consolation, if you have Deluxe, many of the Deluxe skins are already available in the Maxis/TheSims/GameData/Skins folder on your hard drive. However, you still need to extract the meshes for these skins in order to get everything to work. It’s a lot of work, but there’s no other way around this chore, unless you get a friend who’s already extracted these files to email them to you.


Next we come to another headache– props.

SimPose only comes with three default props– glasses, couch, and a floor tile. Unfortunately, much like with getting additional heads and bodies from the actual game, you will have to hunt and peck for object meshes and graphics to import them into SimPose, using something like FarOut. Sucks, I know, but there’s no real way around it.


Okay, and now we come to the grand daddy of headaches in SimPose– hands.

Guess what happens when you load a sim with dark or medium skin? Taa daa– the hands remain “light”! That’s right– you have to go through an extra step to convert the hands of a medium or dark-toned sim to the right one. You do this by going to Props/ Hands–> Change Left Hand/ Change Right Hand.

It gets worse–! The program doesn’t even come with these hands, so you have to hunt and peck through all those .far files using “Far Out” to extract the .bmp and .skn files!

But don’t worry! It’s TS1 Depot to the rescue! I’ve made available those pesky graphics and meshes for SimPose.

Download Hands for Simpose