Adding Sims to Stage

With SimPose, you can add up to four sims on the stage for a group portrait. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how.

  1. Step One: Put the Camera in SW View

    Open up SimPose. You’ll see the default character, the red-haired female in an aqua business suit. If she is not in SW, go to and switch the camera to “SW” view so that we are looking down on her.

    The reason why we’re switching to “SW” view is to make it easier for you to see how adding multiple sims to the stage works.

  2. Step Two: Switch to the Character Tab

    To add more characters on the stage, click on the Character Tab.

  3. Step Three: Click Drop Down Menu Under “Characters visible + control”

    Directly under the Characters tab is a drop down section under a section called “Characters visible + control.” See what happens when you click on the following: “Two-offset”, “Two-faceing” and “Two-no offset.”

    Did you notice what happens? Every time you click on one of these options, two sims will be on the stage, but in different positions.

    The “Two-faceing” option puts two sims on the stage facing each other.
    The “Two-offset” option puts two sims on the stage, but the second sim will be a little behind the first one.

    Haha, this is what happens when you choose “Two-no offset.” Two sims appear on the stage, except smushed together because they are standing in the same spot.
  4. Step Four: Go to Lights/Camera Tab and Choose “Faceing”

    Keep the selection for your sims as “Two-no offset.” Now go back to the Lights/Camera and switch the camera to “Faceing” so that both sims are facing us head on. We need to do this to make it easier to “unsmush” our sims and pose them one by one.

  5. Step Five: Go Back to Character Tab and Select “Sim 2”

    Now that we have our two smushed sims facing us, it will be easier to start separating them and adding two more sims to our stage. To do this, let’s go back to the Character Tab.

    Now let’s take a look at the second drop down box in the area under “Characters visible + control.” In it, you should see either “Sim1” or “Sim 2.”

    What does this mean? Well, when you have more than one sim on the stage, you need to be able to pick the one that you want to pose. “Sim1” and “Sim 2” refers to each one of your sims. “Sim1” is the astronaut sim and “Sims 2” is the red-haired female sim.

    Got it? Good. So, to separate our sims, let’s start with Sim2. Make sure that “Sim2” is in the dropdown box. When she is, go all the way down to the “Joint Control” section.

  6. Step Six: Select “root -translate” to Move Sim2

    When you are in “Joint Control”, choose the option, “root -translate” in the drop down menu. Pick “Course.” Then slide the first slider up or down (doesn’t matter) until the red-haired sim is now standing apart from the astronaut sim (Sim1).

    Looking good! But let’s add two more sims to the stage.

  7. Step Seven: Choose Four-No Offset

    To add two more sims to our stage, let’s choose “Four-no offset.” When you do, you won’t see the two additional sims yet because they’ll be standing where Sim1 is (the astronaut).

  8. Step Eight: Pull Out Third Sim

    Let’s pull our third sim away from the first two like we did in steps 5-6. Under the Character Tab, select Sims3. Then go down to Joint Control, select “root-translate” and use the slider to pull sim #3 away.

  9. Step Nine: Pull Out Fourth Sim

    Let’s repeat what we did above, but this time choosing “Sims4” under the Character Tab, going down to Joint Control, and choosing “root-translate.” Then move the slider to pull away the fourth sim.

    Now for whatever reason, the background may switch to black. It doesn’t really matter, but if it bothers you, go to the “Lights/Camera” tab and change the background color to white.

  10. Step Ten: Let’s Pose Our Fourth Sim

    To pick which sim we want to pose, we have to choose the right Sim from the drop down menu under the Character Tab. Because we want to pose the fourth sim (the little girl), we need to select “Sim4.”

    Once we’ve selected Sims4, let’s drop down to “Joint Control.” From there, we can pose her arms, legs, head, shoulders and feet. If you don’t know how to pose limbs, read this basic tutorial.

    And that’s it! If you want to pose any of the other sims on the stage, just pick “Sim1”, “Sim2”, or “Sim3”, then go down to Joint control. Below is a diagram showing which sim corresponds with which option under the Character Tab.

If you’ve got the gist of everything, select your other sims (Sim1, Sim2, Sim3) and try posing them. If you’re still a little hazy about how to pose sims, then check out “SimPose: Basic Tutorial”, listed below.

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