Wall art

Framed paintings, posters and other types of wall art for Sims 1.

Name: SCMoA Framed Art Poster

Price: 175 | Room: 2 | EP: Deluxe

Hiver- Mucha

 Printemps- Mucha

Summer- Mucha

Poster [Leaves of a Plant- Okeeffe]

Poster [Petunia- Okeeffe]

Poster [Grey Line- Okeeffe]

Poster [Blue Morning Glories- Okeeffe]

Red, Violet, Green

Name: Art Museum Posters

Price: 125 | Room: 1 | EP: Deluxe | Base: Maxis

Sim City Museum Poster- Van Gogh

Sim City Museum Poster- Ingres

Sim City Museum Poster- Gustav Klimt

Sim City Museum Poster- 19th Century Painting

Sim City Museum Poster- Renaissance

Name: Classic Paintings

Price: 600 | Room: 2 | EP: Deluxe | Base: Maxis

Art Reproduction- 19th Century Landscape

Art Reproduction- Carravaggio

Art Reproduction-- Degas Ballerinas

Art Reproduction-- Peter and John

Art Reproduction- Still Life

Name: Miscellaneous

Price: 600 | Room: 2 | EP: Deluxe | Base: Maxis

Lana, Full Length Portrait- by Kyle Atkinson