Get Cool Stuff: Tools

Below are all the tools that Maxis made available under “Get Cool Stuff” at the Sims 1 EA site.


Simply click on download link and save to desktop (don’t run!). Once saved, click on the icon, and the file will install automatically. Please note that not all tools are for the base game. Some tools– like Make a Celebrity– were made for specific EPs.

The Sims Make-A-Date

The Sims Hot Date Make-A-Date tool is for Hot Date owners that wish to add some new townies to their downtown area. Custom-create your own townies today!

Download “Sims Make a Date” – Downloaded 1024 times – 3 MB

Mirror: Download The Hot Date Make-A-Date Tool (2.74 Mb)

The Sims Hot Date Object Organizer

The Sims Hot Date Object Organizer allows you to set objects created by The Sims Art Studio and other programs so they sort correctly in the catalog and are available for purchase Downtown. Happy Shopping!

Download “Hot Date Object Organizer” – Downloaded 755 times – 615 KB

Mirror: Download The Hot Date Object Organizer (624 Kb)

The Sims Menu Edit

Now when you clone an object you can change the interaction text that appears in the pie menu! Just download this file to your desktop and double-click it to install The Sims Menu Edit.

Download “Menu Edit” – Downloaded 873 times – 1 MB

Mirror: Download The Sims Menu Edit (1.37 Mb)

The Sims File Cop

This utility will go through your data files for The Sims and clean up any damaged or incomplete files. So after you download that new skin, just have the File Cop check things out for you!

Download “The Sims File Cop” sims_filecop.rar – Downloaded 347 times – 1 MB

Mirror: Download The Sims File Cop (1.10 Mb)

Art Studio!

You can now create new wall paintings out of your favorite bitmaps and jpegs, then have your Sims actually buy them and hang them on their walls!

Download “Sims Art Studio” – Downloaded 403 times – 4 MB

Mirror: Download The Sims Art Studio (3.68 Mb)


Create your own Wallpaper & Floor patterns for your Sims’ homes, then preview them in HomeCrafter.

Download “HomeCrafter” – Downloaded 1059 times – 2 MB

Mirror: Download HomeCrafter

Facelight & FaceLift Gold

A tool to create faces and heads, from the beautiful to the bizarre — then place them on your own Sims.

Download “Facelight & FaceLift Gold” – Downloaded 1262 times – 14 MB

Mirror: Download Facelight & FaceLift Gold

The Sims Make-A-Celebrity

The Sims Superstar Make-A-Celebrity tool is for Superstar owners that wish to add some new Celebrities to their Studio Town area. Custom-create your own Celebrities today!

Download “Make-A-Celebrity” – Downloaded 1115 times – 3 MB

Mirror: Download The Superstar Make-A-Celebrity Tool (3.05 Mb)