You can save 10 to 50% on the cost of the Modafinil by getting it online. Prices in different pharmacies can vary significantly. So if you really need a particular drug and don’t want to buy its analog (Provigil), it makes sense at least to compare the cost of medicines in several online stores without leaving home.

Phar Merica [Rating: 2.5]
8826 N 23rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85021, United States | (602) 944-0006 |

Not only Phar Merica are the cures are in abundance, the staff, each and everyone, have positive energy throughout the time you spend in the shop with their constant smiling faces. Thank you, each!

First, don’t believe their website that says they open at 8 am! I even got a text at 810am saying my script is ready only to drive there and see the bars still down and lights off?! Wait time for scripts is over an hour usually, and that’s if they even have it! Often you’re told to wait for deliveries to come in! And if there is a problem, you won’t find out until you go back to pick it up, no one will call you ahead of time! Better off using a bigger pharmacy that keeps better hours and stock on hand!!

Mayo Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy [Rating: 4.4]
5779 E Mayo Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85054, United States | (480) 342-1500 |

This pharmacy has the world’s best team members! Always there for my questions. I love their efforts. Like to add that the head Pharmacist Brett remains so professional. Waiting time is quick! I love to have the gal at the entrance! Such a smile. Always there to help out in the processing! It helps me to find over-the-counter products! So proud of Mayo Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy.

The staff is very friendly and very helpful. They have gone out of their way to make sure we have the prescriptions that we need when we need them. They are sincere about making every visit an enjoyable experience.

Arizona Pharmacy Association [Rating: 4.1]
1845 E Southern Ave, Tempe, AZ 85282, United States | (480) 838-3385 |

I switched from Walgreens to Arizona Pharmacy Association, and I have not been disappointed at all. They are always super friendly and do NOT judge you by the Modafinil medication you are on. I have had HORRIBLE dealings with Walgreens if we decided to go out of town on a whim and needed my meds a day early. Which only happens about twice a year. I had to have a super expensive med ordered, and they ordered with no problem and waited till I could pay for it – pharmacy wise I highly recommend it.

Goodwill has cleaner bathrooms than this pharmacy, probably the most unsanitized bathrooms I’ve ever seen. You should be ashamed of yourself when it comes to cleanliness the monitor for your credit card is never even clean is absolutely filthy in the thought of touching it with all the sick germs just makes me want to throw up.

Uptown Drug & Home Medical [Rating: 3.8]
2820 E Andy Devine Ave, Kingman, AZ 86401, United States | (928) 753-2226 |

Love the pharmacy people. Always helpful and polite. What about the parking lot potholes? It almost makes me not want to use this Uptown Drug & Home Medical because the lot is horrible and getting worse. Please fix it!

Most of the staff at the pharmacy is pleasant and friendly. The big issue here is the slooooooooooow service. There are REGULARLY 3-4 people behind the counter, but only 1 person ever seems to come to the register to help. I’m currently in a line of 6 customers, 4 associates behind the counter, and only 1 assisting customers. Overall, just poor management of employee time.