Pottersville 2.0 and Pottersville Lite are Now Live!

Greetings, simmizens! Two new versions of Pottersville, the Sims 3 world that was released in Summer 2023, have gone live! To learn more about them, jump down below. If you’re anxious to get started, then go directly to the download page.

Why Pottersville 2.0?

Pottersville 2.0Pottersville 2.0 is an update to Pottersville, with the following  minor changes:

  • Two less lots, reducing lot count from 195 to 193. This was to make transition from Downtown Pottersville to the Binders Clip Center look better.
  • A few minor cosmetic tweaks to industrial areas.
  • Removal of Gobo light from Los Suenos.
  • Holbrook family now lives in red two story house across the street from the Pulliams.
  • Swapped out one Holy Cow Memorial rabbithole for Landraab Science facility.
  • Two houses that had been left incomplete are now completed.

If you currently have Pottersville 1.0 and are fine running it, you don’t need to update to 2.0. If you find that there is minor lag, you might want to download 2.0, which has two less lots.

Why Pottersville Lite?

Pottersville LitePottersville Lite is a trimmed down version of the world. The reason why it was needed is that Pottersville is not only a large world but incredibly resource-heavy. Below are the changes:

  • Lots reduced from 195 to 183. Particularly pared down were all the riverside parks.
  • A few cosmetic tweaks to industrial areas, making them look more run-down.
  • All the other changes listed in Pottersville 2.0.

If you loved Pottersville 1.0 but your system struggled to run it, then you will definitely want to download the Lite version. 


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