Currently Working on Pottersville 2.0 and Pottersville Lite

After releasing Pottersville, The Sims Depot received a lot of great, helpful feedback. Thanks to everyone who gave it, Pottersville 2.0 and Pottersville Lite, are currently in the works.

What to Look Forward To:

Pottersville 2.0 will include a few cosmetic fixes, two swapped out two lots and the completion of two houses that were accidentally left partially incomplete. Don’t worry if you have Pottersville 1.0, as the updated lots will also be released for your benefit.

Pottersville Lite will be pared down somewhat to make it easier for players who don’t have monster rigs. Keep in mind that it will still be a world on a large side, but it should release some of the stress for players with midrange computers who are okay with a less densely-populated world.

Look forward to these two new editions to roll out soon. In the meantime, Happy Simming and #TS3Forever! 😁

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