Previews of Pottersville (WIP): Pendleton Court

Pendleton Court at Pottersville

Hello, everyone! I have yet another round of screenshots from Pottersville. It’s a hangout venue called Pendleton Court, which is one of two country club-style lots where sims can hang out, drink to their heart’s content, swim or play sports.

True story: this and the next two lots were not in the original version of Pottersville. I built them to make up for the two years that the entire world was postponed. Hopefully, they will have made up for lost time.

Pendleton Court
Backyard area of Pendleton Court. As you can see, there's a very large pool. Right next to it is the mixologist's station. The building has another station, because Pottervillians are such drunks, they create logjams all the time trying to order drinks.
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Below is a screen recording of Pendleton Court at night, with overhead shots of the entire lot to give a better view of the venue. There’s another much larger country club-style venue in Pottersville, but you’ll have to download to see it! 😝

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