Previews of Pottersville: Seasonal Festival Lot

Pottersville Seasonal Lot at Night
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Right now, I’m still currently testing Potterville, and I can safely say: so far, so good!

A lot that I particularly wanted to test out was the seasonal festival lot. The reason why is that sound used to cut in and out on it all the time in Pottersville and it drove me crazy, because what’s a festival without some bopping Sims 3 music playing in the background? 😁

Pottersville Festival Grounds
Overview of Pottersville seasonal lot, which overlooks the water.
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Below are a few video clips I made, with the lot at sunset and evening, when it looks best (IMHO). I really love this lot, because you can see cars crossing the two bridges in the background from this vantage point.

Like I said, I’m still playtesting Pottersville because this world was hit by a couple of strange bugs in 2020. If worse comes to worse–like it looks like another few months of playtesting–I’ll release the world as a beta, as I’ve had this world in WIP for way too long. In the meantime, be on the look out for more updates.

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