Issues with Download Links and Google Drive

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Hello, Simmers!

I just learned this week that there are issues with download links at The Sims Depot. If you don’t know, some of the download files on the site are hosted at Google Drive. Unfortunately, it seemed as if Google did something weird and changed the security settings on the files hosted there recently, making them inaccessible to visitors. I have decided to drop Google Drive and just have everything hosted at The Sims Depot.

Currently, I’m cleaning up links so I’ll no longer have to deal with that service anymore. Hopefully, everything will be sorted out within a week or two. Until then, expect a few links here and there asking you to request a download. Just ignore those requests and come back to The Sims Depot in a few days when hopefully, the download link will be converted so that you’ll be able to download here directly.

P.S. Google, you suck! 🙄

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