Create a World WIP Preview: Pottersville

Showtime venue in Pottersville.
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Over the past year or so, The Sims Depot has been working on a new Sims 3 world called Pottersville. The project has been a long time coming but is in the homestretch. To let anyone who’s interested in the world know where it is progress-wise, a new video has just been dropped on YouTube.

For news of Pottersville’s completion, stay tuned. If you’re more interested in other CAW worlds, check out The Sim Depot’s Worlds section!

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ts1depot is a Sims fanatic who fell in love with the franchise ever since she bought a copy of Deluxe in 2001. She can frequently be seen walking around in confusion in real life wondering why there aren't any plumb bobs over people's heads.

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