Sims 1 Install Guide is Now Up in Tutorials Section

The Sims franchise
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If you just got a bunch of the original Sims 1 disks recently, you probably can’t wait to install them all. Before you do, however just know that for the game to run properly, you have to install the base game and its EPs in the right order. Don’t know where to begin? Then check out The Sim Depot’s Install Order of The Sims 1 + EPs guide.

The Sims franchise
The Sims franchise

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ts1depot is a Sims fanatic who fell in love with the franchise ever since she bought a copy of Deluxe in 2001. She can frequently be seen walking around in confusion in real life wondering why there aren't any plumb bobs over people's heads.

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2 Comments on “Sims 1 Install Guide is Now Up in Tutorials Section”

  1. Thanks for this; it’s nice to see the original Sims game still getting some love! I have all four of them, but during this time of pandemic, I’ve gone back to the sweet simplicity of the original game.

  2. By the way, I was referring someone on Reddit to your Sims 1 installation tutorial and noticed that although you have the expansion packs listed correctly under The original Sims, under Deluxe and Double Deluxe, you have Hot Date listed as HOUSE Date. 🙂

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