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New to The Sims 1? Then Check Out The Sim Depot’s “Get Cool Stuff” Section!

If you currently play The Sims 3 or The Sims 4, then you are probably aware that EA sometimes gives away free content to loyal players, especially in the form of registration rewards. Well, guess what? The original Sims game (TS1) also had its share of free content, in a section of EA’s site that used to be called “Get Cool Stuff.”

Original Sims 1 Get Cool Stuff Section
▲  Original Sims 1 Get Cool Stuff Section

The original EA site that hosted “Get Cool Stuff” is long gone, but luckily for new or returning players of TS1, The Sims Depot has everything on file, including skin packs, decor, software, lots, and even sound files.

So, have I whet your appetite? Good! Mosey on down to The Sim Depot’s Get Cool Stuff page to grab some goodies. Just make sure to read any disclaimers about compatibility before downloading, as some items won’t show up at all if you’re missing a particular EP.

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