Tutorials for gameplay, tools and anything else Sims 1 related.

How to Install Custom Content for Sims 1

Never installed Sims 1 custom content a day in your life and don't know where to even begin? Or maybe you used to download back in the day and have just forgotten where everything goes. If so, this guide will help.

How to Find Long Lost Sims 1 Content and Programs

There are some cool Sims 1 programs, skins and objects that are hard to find or get, either because a website is down or you just don't remember where the files came from. This guide will help you figure out how to track down and retrieve them.

How to Use Yahoo! Groups

Yahoo! hosts a large number of "Saving the Sims" groups where you can download tons of great content. If you have no idea how to join a group or view files, this tutorial will help.

Millennium Sims: The Cure

Years ago, Millennium Sims posted a solution to the dreaded Upside Down Head Syndrome.

The Ultimate SimPose Guide

Learn the ins and outs of SimPose, the cool tool that allows you to pose sims.