When your family first starts out and you’re ready to build your house, you only get $20, 000 as a cash balance. It may seem impossible dealing with such limited means without using the Rosebud cheat, but it can be done!

The key is to be as cheap and as miserly as possible when you build your house. Build the smallest house that can accommodate your Sims. As you can see in the above picture, this is exactly what I’ve done.

JENNY (girl in lavender jeans): Oh. My. God! We’re not living in that, are we?

CASSIE (redhead in red dress): It looks like a shack–

Sorry, guys, but maybe once you get jobs, you can complain about it! Right now, this is the best we can do!

CASSIE (grumbling): Good grief! This study is worse than I thought!

GERALD: Remember… Professor Heissman’s boring lectures or this study!

CASSIE: Fine, fine! I’ll put up with this, but I won’t be happy about it! *frown*

ANYWAY, as I was saying, when creating your house for an 8 sim challenge, build the smallest one you can get way with, with the cheapest materials available. You may even have to skimp on wallpapers at first. The reason why is very simple– with only 20K Simoleans starting out, we want to have as much money left over as we can to make the first few days of the challenge as bearable as possible for our sims. That means having enough money for food and other essentials!