The victims of my 2nd experiment are students from Sims University, who signed up for this study. Say hi, everybody!

MICHAEL (blonde guy with blue/ green top and shorts): Dude… wassup?

Hi! Are you guys ready?

ELEANOR (blonde in blue jumpsuit): No– actually this is freaking me out! I’ve heard about this Study before. The last group of Sims who did this had to live in really crappy conditions for a few days.

You’re right– but what’s a little discomfort for a short while? Besides, would you rather be back in university, listening in on another one of Professor Heissman’s boring lectures, or here being part of a historic study?

GERALD (black dude in khakis): Got a point there! I’d rather experience water torture than be in his class! Since this isn’t water torture, I guess I can handle this!

That’s the spirit! So let’s begin, shall we?