Get Cool Stuff: Skin Packs

These are all of the Maxis-made skins that appearedĀ under “Get Cool Stuff” when the Sims 1 site was first live. All are compatible with the base game except the Unleashed Pet Skins– you need the Unleashed EP to use those.


Simply click on download link and save to desktop (don’t run!). Once saved, click on the icon, and the file will install automatically. To use the skins, go to Create A Sim in your game and you should see them there.

Unleashed Pet Skins Pack
Looking for some new pet skins? Download this pet skin pack and find the right pet for you.(For use with Unleashed only.)
Download Unleashed Pet Skins Pack (456 Kb)
Unleashed Pet Skins Pack 2
More pet skins to make you happy. (For use with Unleashed only.)
Download Unleashed Pet Skins Pack 2 (468 Kb)
SSX Snowboarding Skins
Now you can have Elise and Mac from EA’s smash snowboarding hit SSX in your game!
Download The SSX Snowboarding Skins (220 Kb)
Vacation TV Commercial Skins
The Vacation commercial is something to see, and if you have not, we have a treat for you: The Vacation Prime Time Skins. Andrea, Todd, Holly, and Tom are ready for a competitive game of volleyball or some time alone in the tent.
Download The Vacation TV Commercial Skins (377 Kb)
Command & Conquer Renegade NOD Skins
Here is the 2nd installment from the crew over at Westwood. This skin pack contains 20 NOD skins from their game Command & Conquer Renegade.
Download Renegade NOD Skins (1.58 Mb)
Command & Conquer Renegade GDI Skins
The crew over at Westwood have put together this skin pack of 20 GDI skins from their game Command & Conquer Renegade.
Download Renegade GDI Skins (1.74 Mb)
Hot Date TV Commercial Skins
Have you seen the Hot Date TV commercial? If you have, then you should be familiar with these skins. 5 skins are include, 2 male, 3 female, and all of them ready for a Hot Date.
Download The Hot Date TV Commercial Skins (442 Kb)
EA SPORTS Cheerleader
EA SPORTS, it’s in the game. Now this awesome cheerleader can be in your game!
Download EA SPORTS Cheerleader (112 Kb)
Sid Meier
Now you can have legendary game designer Sid Meier in your Sims game!
Download Sid Meier (132 Kb)
MTV Skins
Here they all are, in one easy package! Seven custom-made Maxis skins of the “stars” of the Sims MTV ads, ready for you to download and add to your game.
Download MTV Skins (520 Kb)
Physical Skins
Give your Sims a total body makeover with some very special new skins for your game. You have to see these to believe them! Just download the file to your desktop, then double-click the icon to install them.
Download Physical Skins (1.05 Mb)
Skin Pack One
Male Warrior, Female Warrior, Sleuth, Boy Wizard, Girl Wizard … add them all to your Skins collection! Then create your own fantasy and mystery stories!
Download Skin Pack One (760 Kb)